Book of Remembrance by the Silver Cross Women of Canada, Oshawa Branch
Silver Cross Women of Canada - A Local History

Taken from The Daily Times-Gazette, November 4, 1957, pg.12

The Remembrance Association, Silver Cross Women of Canada, was incorporated by letters patent under the Dominion Companies Act and amending acts the 29th day of October 1948, under the name of Remembrance Association.

The aims and objects of this association are as follows:

  • To bring into closer relations through organized association the recipients of the Silver Cross (Memorial Cross).
  • To further the welfare of widows and mothers of former personnel of the three services navy, army and air force, also the fire fighting services and merchant marines who were killed in action or who died in consequence of service, and the welfare of such former personnel who are hospitalized or otherwise in need of assistance.
Any woman who is the recipient of the Silver Cross (Memorial Cross) may become a member by taking the pledge and paying annual dues of one dollar.

Through the efforts of Mrs. Frank Buchannan and Mrs. V.A. Cope, the Oshawa chapter was formed and officers installed by Mrs. W.H. Jacobs then national president in Adelaide House, November 7, 1950, with a membership of 23 which increased as time went by.

Unfortunately, we have lost some members through illness and death and leaving the city.

Our work is mostly welfare with donations being made to such other societies we deem worthy such as The Cancer Societies, Crippled Children and so on. We continue with our work in Sunnybrook Hospital and have now taken our wing six people in Fairview Lodge, Whitby, five ladies and one gentleman all of whom have no relatives near enough to visit them.

Our Book of Remembrance given to City of Oshawa, was dedicated and opened in the McLaughlin Memorial Library. Mrs. V.A. Cope turns a page once a week and notifies the family of the two boys pictures that are showing for the week.

Early this year we presented a TV set to E. Block at Sunnybrook Hospital. The patients in this block are all First World War veterans.,p.We have also purchased a wheel chair to be loaned out when needed, preferably to Silver Cross women. Our funds are raised by a Spring tea, a tag day and a fall bazaar; also from games and draws held at our social evenings which this year will be held on each fourth Thursday evening of the month at Simcoe Hall.

The present executive are:

Mrs. V.A. Cope, president
Mrs. Arthur Wigston, first vice-president
Mrs. Frank Crowley, 2nd vice-president
Mrs. Fred Langley, 3rd vice-president
Mrs. C. Gibbs, treasurer
Mrs. Ed Holland, secretary
Mrs. T. Loreno, sick list convener
Mrs. H. Bratly, telephone convener
Mrs. W. Murray, telephone convener
Mrs. L. Tooley, social convener
Mrs. Fred Langley, press agent
Mrs. D. Rae, standard bearer
Mrs. F. Langley, standard bearer